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Runnin’ through town

Like a manic, like a clown
I was running for life all through town.

What the chaser did not know,
slithering throat here now is my fun.

Now he’s leaping, not worth keeping,
shame he messed ’round with someone like me.

And he’s screaming, he is crying
did he actually think I was lying?

Now he’s dead, no more dread,
let’s go running through town all again.

So it goes

I wanted to tell you
that you weren’t alone,
and that it would get better.
All those things
you’re supposed to say
at three in the morning
when nothing is right.
But I poured you another drink instead.
Somehow you seemed more grateful.

New Day Dawning

My stomach is hurting
as the deafening silence consumes me.
I’ve been told it’ll soon be over,
a new day dawning,
but as I close my eyes,
I don’t see how I’ll make it.
My stomach is hurting
from the laughter last night.
Blue marks cover my skin,
from the pool cue,
the creativity-draped boy poked me with
to distract me from winning the game.
But I did.
I will.
I am.

On the Railroad

I once met a boy with stars in his eyes,
a storm in his lungs,
and the weight of the world on his shoulders.
With a blooded mouth he told me
pain only lasts for so long.
That now happiness would come,
if only he reached out and took it.
He’d ruffle his hair and smile ever so slightly.
as the blood spilled on the ground,
leaving marks on the rails,
leaving marks on my chest.
He bowed before he left me,
and I haven’t seen him since.
Still, I hope he reached out and took it,
and he’s happier today.
Because I never got to tell him,
I’d still give up everything for him to stay.