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Too Often It Was Pain

I was told love was pure.
Love was kisses on the cheek,
hugs from behind when you didn’t expect them.
Love was not locking the door,
just if love wanted to see you.
Love was caring,
when no one else was.
Love was all there was sometimes.
Love was forgetting your friends,
but making sure your love was smiling.
Love was dreams sometimes,
waking up to the truth;
it didn’t exist anymore.
Love was not going to bed,
because you’re sickly in love with seeing their face every night.
Love was pure pain sometimes.

Happiness and Him

What I did know,
truly and fully,
was him next to me,
his face against my own.
The music he was listening to was
way too loud,
leaking through his headphones,
and I was happy.
I guess
I wanted to believe
for once
that would be enough.

To Write About You

I could tell you about the bluest of oceans.
An ocean so blue you’d find calmness in its complexity,
unity in its ever-changing streams
Where peace would be found,
a place for awe, a place for dreams.

Or I could tell you about the darkest of oceans.
An ocean dark as the nights
where sleep seems to fail you.
Waves tickling your face,
then throwing your body against the rocks,
leaving you grasping for breath.

I could even tell you about the woods,
and the stories yet to be told.
About grand views and fireplaces,
of the knights riding west,
or how the wolves all went wild,
that time the moon shone too bright.

I tried to write about you,
but still the page remained blank,
the clock went on ticking,
and the night became daylight.
And no matter my efforts,
with someone like you
my words could never get it right.

New Day Dawning

My stomach is hurting
as the deafening silence consumes me.
I’ve been told it’ll soon be over,
a new day dawning,
but as I close my eyes,
I don’t see how I’ll make it.
My stomach is hurting
from the laughter last night.
Blue marks cover my skin,
from the pool cue,
the creativity-draped boy poked me with
to distract me from winning the game.
But I did.
I will.
I am.

On the Railroad

I once met a boy with stars in his eyes,
a storm in his lungs,
and the weight of the world on his shoulders.
With a blooded mouth he told me
pain only lasts for so long.
That now happiness would come,
if only he reached out and took it.
He’d ruffle his hair and smile ever so slightly.
as the blood spilled on the ground,
leaving marks on the rails,
leaving marks on my chest.
He bowed before he left me,
and I haven’t seen him since.
Still, I hope he reached out and took it,
and he’s happier today.
Because I never got to tell him,
I’d still give up everything for him to stay.

Souls Among Thousands

Wind blowing through my hair,
rushing itself to warmer places.
Her laughter filling the dusty, colorful streets.
Getting lost in the crowd,
the city swallowed us whole.
Two souls among thousands.
I was yet to admire the beauty of coincidence,
of fate,
of God’s plan over us all.
Because being there.
Right there,
Right then.
Two souls among thousands.
Despite everything,
I was happy.

Distant Source of Happiness

His unverse was fascinating,
with stars I had never before seen.
Colors, sounds and flavours
all strangers to my senses.
I longed to get closer.
I urged to watch them flicker.
Floating all around me
tickling my face.
How I wanted to touch them
to take them with me.
To keep them in my pocket
as a reminder of all the beauty he resembles.
Late at night I’d take them out
and look at them.
I would lock them up
In fear of losing them.
But minds like his were strange
and beautiful
and rare.
They were meant to be free,
So instead I’ll keep away,
not get in the way,
and let him be my distant source of happiness.