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Lived for the Days

Lived for the days, she did.
Every single one of them.
Others wasted their time,
waiting for the weekend.
But not her.
She lived for the sun and the rain,
for the empty and the crowded.
For the happy and the sad,
and I believe that is
why I loved her.

Hopefully that’ll be enough

I loved you today.
Your hair was a mess
and your eyes were unfocused
and you pulled me closer.

I loved you yesterday.
Your hair was flatter
at least to some extent.
I talked too much
you didn’t talk at all,
and you didn’t answer the door
when I came to my senses.

I will love you tomorrow.
You don’t think about your hair
the way I do.
And you will be angry
and happy.
Pull me close
just to push me away.

But I will love you.

And I Still Don’t

But I never did know
if you were for me
or for everyone else.
Just as I am.

Still Stuck

Because the leaves were all changing

and the traffic kept rushing.

And I was still stuck in the way his eyes shone,

whenever he laughed.

And Closer Still

They really got to you, didn’t they?

Pushing you on towards the edges

tore apart your broken mind.

Now all you hear is chaos,

a beating drum within the ground.

Step in here, darling,

come in close, and closer still.

In you there is a fire,

and I won’t let this one be still.

Come on now, stand before me,

stretch your arms towards the sky.

I’ll stay here, yes, right behind you.

Take the step, you’ll be alright.

Smaller Pieces

I fall in love with pieces,
smaller pieces of their being
perks and quirks and qualities
I’m scared the world is still not seeing.
Like the way he sang along to songs
he’d never before heard.
Or the way that he knew everything,
then cried in my arms at night.
Or how he saw me beautiful
when no one else could do it.

To Write About You

I could tell you about the bluest of oceans.
An ocean so blue you’d find calmness in its complexity,
unity in its ever-changing streams
Where peace would be found,
a place for awe, a place for dreams.

Or I could tell you about the darkest of oceans.
An ocean dark as the nights
where sleep seems to fail you.
Waves tickling your face,
then throwing your body against the rocks,
leaving you grasping for breath.

I could even tell you about the woods,
and the stories yet to be told.
About grand views and fireplaces,
of the knights riding west,
or how the wolves all went wild,
that time the moon shone too bright.

I tried to write about you,
but still the page remained blank,
the clock went on ticking,
and the night became daylight.
And no matter my efforts,
with someone like you
my words could never get it right.